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Why You Need to Donate Car to Charity Help the Less Fortunate

Many people decide to remove their scrap car either for financial reasons or to help the needy ones. Though selling your unwanted car could provide you with some cash benefits, it is wise to help the less fortunate. You can do that by donating your old car that is just lying in your garage for some noble cause. Charity car donation will give you a content feeling and provide you with a great way to get a tax deduction. Here are some more reasons why you should prefer scrap car donation instead of selling it.


At one point, when car repairs are more than its worth, you would like to spend on buying a new car instead of fixing it. Donating your vehicle implies you will get rid of the old car that would otherwise lie in your backyard. Moreover, you will then stop paying insurance on your unused vehicle as an extra incentive as soon as you donate it to the charity.

Good use

Regardless of your old car’s size and model, every charity will use it as long it is in working condition. Your one act of kindness will help them in providing meals to the elderly, driving people to hospitals, or something else that encourages the charitable project. Even community colleges, technical schools at the local level, or education services use donated vehicles to train mechanics.

Free pick up

When you opt for a charity car donation, you wouldn’t have to think about towing, repairs, and maintenance expenses. Even if your car doesn’t have a proper title, you can donate your vehicle and skip additional documentation expenditures. Charities will accept your old vehicle, collect and tow it away for free. In some cases, charities will sell your car for scrap or its spare parts if it isn’t usable. They are in a better position to sell junk cars and get decent deals for them.

Giving cars to a charitable trust comes in the category of non-cash donations that are tax-deductible. So, after making your generous contribution, make sure you get a tax receipt for the charity car donation. If the fact convinces you that car donations are beneficial, find a reliable charity working for the community’s welfare. They’ll easily take over the procedure once you get in touch with them.

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