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Where Does Your Scrap Car Go After Selling to Scrap Car Removal Company Toronto?

Wondering what happens to your old car after selling it to an auto wrecker in Toronto? That depends on the condition of your car. If it only has a few issues, then it can be fixed. However, if it’s beyond repair and the cost of fixing is too high, then it will be scrapped and stripped part by part.

The following points explain the process involved in scrap car removal in Toronto and where the parts go after scrapping.

  1. Depollution

It might not be obvious, but your beloved old car is more toxic than you might think. After all, vehicles require all kinds of oil, battery acid, and other chemicals to work properly.

To ensure safety, the first thing that a scrap car removal in Toronto will do is to depollute the junk car, following the proper process and guidance. That means they will remove the car battery, tyres, converters, and airbags. Aside from this, they will also dispose of the air conditioning fluid, hazardous chemicals, coolant, gasoline, and other vehicle fluids. Those things that can be recycled or repurposed are also removed from the junk car—such as the remaining window glasses, engines, transmissions, doors, bumpers, starters, alternators, and water pumps.

  1. Shredding

What remains in the depolluted vehicle is then processed further. If they cannot be recycled, then they’ll go straight to the shredder. The shredding machine tears the junk car into fist-size pieces.

  1. Re-selling

The steel or scrap metal is then sold to processors and manufacturers that will recycle them to make new consumer goods. Did you know that about 25% of steel comes from recycled metals? This is how auto recycling in Toronto helps the economy and the environment.

The same will be true for tires. They are shredded by recycling companies and are transformed into asphalt, playground surfaces, garden mulch, and floor mats. Some old tires are used to make new tires again. According to some manufacturers, about 10 percent of their new tires are recycled material.

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