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Got an old and unused car lying in your backyard?Contact our Scrap Car Removal in Richmond Hill!

Are you having trouble disposing of your old and damaged vehicles? We can help you there!
We are scrap car removal services in Richmond Hill. What we do is to buy vehicles which are in any condition possible to recycle them at our scrap yard in Richmond Hill.
We have been in this business since 1981 and have learned some very modern and interesting technique for recycling old cars. Our recycling facilities are clean and green and operate according to the environmental standards to help reduce carbon footprints.
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Scrap Car Removal Richmond Hill – A Perfect Solution for your Old Cars

Do you have a used or old car lying in your garage? Are you tired of cleaning up the mess created by your damaged car in the backyard? If so, we can help you get rid of the unwanted and scrap car sitting idle and occupying your valuable space. Our scrap yard in Richmond Hill is designed to recycle cars coming in all conditions. Canadian Auto Wreckers purchase old cars of all conditions- be it damaged, broken, no-keys or not running at all! Our aim is to take these unused cars from your hands and take it into our recycling facility! So, we get your old cars -which are what we require – while you can get rid of the damaged vehicle and at the same time, get paid in cash for your efforts! Want to try your hand at this exchange? Read on for more details!

Scrap Car Removal Richmond Hill – How does it work?

Are you planning to dispose of your old car? Then here is how you can do-
  • Call our scrap yard in Richmond Hill and give us your location
  • Wait for our experts to arrive within an hour
  • Get paid in cash, and let us tow your car back for recycling!
  • No hidden costs, no hassles – we take complete responsibility for towing!
Thinking of getting that old and junk car out of your garage? Dial our toll-free numbers +1 416 559 3683 today! Fill ouronline quote form for instant estimation!
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