Scrap Car Removal Pickering


Want to get rid of the junk car lying in your garage?We will be glad to help!

Do you have an unused and completely useless car sitting idle in your garage? Why waste some very valuable floor space for a car which cannot be used? Our scrap yard in Pickering can recycle your cars for free!
Yes, you heard that right! We offer free evaluation and recycling process for all old and unused cars in the GTA area. Our facilities in and around the GTA area is aimed at recycling the old and useless junk cars and helps minimize carbon footprint in the process. For this purpose, we use processes which are approved and certified by the authorities.
So, when you give us your old car, we will tow them back to our facility to recycle it according to the set environmental standards! A win-win situation all around!
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What do I get if I give you my old car?

Ok, even if your car has been sitting idle for years together, they are pre-loved and precious and has some value in your eyes. We understand this, and therefore, when the executives from our scrap yard in Pickering come for an evaluation, they pay you top cash for your old car. The evaluated amount is paid to you in cash, so the transaction is smooth and secure. No hidden costs, whatsoever! While we do the hard work – evaluation and towing – you can sit and relax with the money earned and think about buying your new vehicle! Want to give us a try? Read on to know the procedure!

Auto wreckers in Pickering – How Does it Work?

To begin with, we take back all kinds of cars – unused, unwanted, damaged, wrecked, broken, keys lost or whatever kind you possess. There are no conditions at all, only the evaluation amount is fixed and agreed upon to proceed with the process. So, here is how you can sell your old car-

  • If you have a car to sell, dial our toll-free numbers 24/7
  • When our executives visit within the hour, take them to your vehicle for initial evaluation
  • Get the money agreed upon in cash, while we tow back your vehicle to the scrapyard
Want to give us a try? Call our numbers +1 416 559 3683 to talk to our executives or dial-up for a free evaluation and consultation service! Fill our online quote form for instant estimation!
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