Scrap Car Removal Toronto


We are a scrap car removal service in Toronto, operating since 1981, and have recycled millions of vehicles in our junkyard. You want to sell a used car in Toronto, we are here to help!
For several years now, we have been buying used, junk, abandoned, crushed and scraped or damaged vehicles from our customers to recycle it in our scrap yard in Toronto. Since our love for junk cars only tops our love to see their recycled versions, nobody can beat us in what we do right now!
Scrap Car Removal Toronto, Auto Wreckers Toronto

Auto Recycling in Toronto at Your Convenience!

You have an unwanted vehicle, we can help you handle it with care- at our scrap yard in Toronto! There is nothing like seeing those scraps of junk metals recycled completely! While we get our passion fulfilled, you get to have some ready cash in hand to invest in a new car! A fair exchange, don’t you think?

Car Donation in Toronto – Do Some Good to the Environment

We have been here in this business of junk car removal in Toronto for long now to understand the environmental implications. As premium auto wreckers in Toronto, our junkyards consist of equipment which adheres strictly to the environmental standards. This helps to recycle your cars without leaving any carbon footprint, to save the environment. Do your bit for our Mother Earth – bring your junk, unwanted and used cars for recycling!

How does it work?

We, at auto wreckers in Toronto, operate 24/7 to facilitate faster and much easier transactions. To make it simpler, you can sell used car in Toronto for cash if you have few hours to spare!

  1. Give us a call on our toll-free number +1 416 559 3683 with details of your location in Toronto
  2. We will visit your place within an hour or less, depending upon your location and the traffic conditions
  3. Get your vehicle evaluated by us on-site
  4. Agree upon a price to mutual satisfaction and get paid in cash!

No hassles, no worries or no delays, whatsoever! All simple, completed in a few hours of giving us a call at +1 416 559 3683!

If you have a vehicle to sell or want to get rid of that junk in your garage, give us a call right now! We will be there to take it off your hands even before you can fix your sights on another suitable car to drive around! Fill our online quote form for instant estimation!

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