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Auto Wreckers Orangeville – Perfect Solution for your old cars

Have an old car to sell? Call us today on our toll-free numbers!

We, at Canadian Auto Wreckers, have been in the business of buying and recycling cars since 1981. We have been buying used, damaged, broken and junk cars from our customers for a fair price to recycle them at our Scrapyard in Orangeville.

We love old, and junk cars and can take them back with pleasure. So, if you have an old car which is completely useless and dead for years together, we can buy it from you immediately! Our toll-free numbers are open 24/7!

Auto Wreckers Orangeville, Scrap Yard Orangeville

Scrap Car Removal Orangeville – Get Paid in Cash for your Old Car

Did we mention cash? Yes, we offer cash to customers who want to sell their old and junk cars.  We aim to provide the best price to our customers to ensure they are happy with the exchange and at the same time, ensure their useless car is getting recycled for a greater good.

Our recycling plants are designed and operated strictly according to the environmental norms, thereby doing our bit to the environment. Have a car to sell? Read on to know about how you can do it without any hassles or hidden costs!

Junk Car Disposal Orangeville- How Does it Work?

We are a junk car disposal service operating from several areas in the Greater Toronto Region. We have a simple procedure concerning the buying of your old and junk cars. Here is how we work:

  • If you have a car to sell, call our toll-free numbers to talk to our experts
  • We arrive at your location within an hour of getting your call
  • We evaluate your car and quote a price (you can also donate your old cars for charity)
  • We pay you cash and tow back your car to our scrap yard

The process of selling your old car is never so simple! Call us today at +1 416 559 3683 for evaluation and selling of your old car! Fill our online quote form for instant estimation!

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